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X-tremeBLUE® Router


Milling routers for processing wood-based materials are the quality of machining and the longest tool life. Our special "X-tremeBlue" coating is the answer. The "XB" coating is the latest achievement in nanotechnology dedicated to the processing of all the hardest materials. The "XB" coating allows for significant reduction of tool wear and multiple extensions of ®its life.


Routers with X-tremeBlue® in test.

In 3 independent testing, router bits with X-tremeBlue® coating V803 were almost 2 times more efficient than the uncoated version in each case.


what makes us different 

X-TremeBLUE® is the name reserved for N-POL cutting tools

It's a new protective coating and it's much better than DLC

"X-TremeBLUE®" is an additional protection for solid carbide tools which gives them a long life time.

-X-TremeBLUE® is a new coating application based on the latest NANO structure technologies.

- The X-TremeBLUE® is a micro finishing coating that allows the blade to remain sharp and lubricated eliminates sticking with the blade chip.This ensures a long service life and gives cutting results at the highest level.

- The coating protects against high temperature and oxidation, which has a negative effect on performance of the cutting tool . Compared to DLC coating, it has twice the temperature resistance during operation, which gives it a great advantage over previous versions of DLC.

- Multicoloured tones, are an additional advantage  , while the coating remains fully effective.

- The X-tremeBLUE® offers  the highest hardness on the tools surface, over 200% compared to uncoated milling routers and over 50% compared to the tools with DLC coating.